o  The Raglan Street Gallery Manly  2005-   2007
o  The Ethel St Gallery-Seaforth 2005-2011 Solo exhibitions:
o   The Manly Pier Restaurant (2007)
o   Malibu Restaurant- Collaroy (2007)
o   Angel Gallery and Restaurant, Queenscliff (2008)
Joint exhibitions:
o  Manly Art Festival –Images of the sea (2009)
o  The Grange Art Event (2008)
o  The Mosman Art show -Mosman artists  (2011)
o   John Colet Art Show (2011)
o   Bower art restaurant-Manly (2011)
o   Royal Newport Yatch club- Marine Art exhibition (2011)

Future exhibitions (2012):
o John Colet Art Show 
o Royal Newport Yatch club- Marine Art exhibition
o Manly ARTs Festival
o St Matthews "Reflections of Easter"      
o Mosman art show   
My art is Inspired by 
 “the light interplay between water, earth and sky”   

...and is reflective of the omnipotence of nature and in particular how water, dramatic landscapes and seascapes can both soothe and calm, or energise and uplift the human spirit.  

Pauline Slater is a representational contemporary seascape, marine and landscape painter who is essentially self-taught. She started drawing and painting at 16 and after having children in 2005 took to painting after many years of not having picked up a brush.  Ever since she has developed a strong affiliation with water sky and earth which feature heavily in her works.  Pauline holds a depgree in physiotherpay and is currently undertaking a Masters in Education and Religion. 

Much of her work is reflective of Australian scenery, and she enjoys bold colouration.  Oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, ink and pencil are included in her repertoire and she also enjoys experimenting with varieties of mediums to achieve her style.  Her works often display a deep three-dimensional effect. Her works have been influenced by international artist Irene Lumgair and Royal Australian Art Society President, Robert Wilson.  

The focus of her current work involves the interplay of light and its depth in water, dawn and dusk and the natural power of the wave.  

Pauline has been represented at several art shows including the  Mosman art show 2088, Mosman Art prize, Manly Arts Festival, Newport Motor Club Art show and the Warringah Art Prize and has been a part of several exhibitions. 

To follow her work more closely ,use the link on the left to her journal and blog site.  Enjoy.  

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"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."
Henrry Ward
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